August 1, 2011

My latest Gadget

Can you guess!!!

Ok, don't fall over. :-)  I did get a Macbook Pro!  I was going to wait another year for my graduation, but since I need it for an upcoming to Grandma Judy bought it for me a year early!  I can't believe how generous she is.  There is never something I can't thank her for.

I'm really loving the built in sd card slot.  It is SO nice for transferring photos from the camera to the computer.  No more cables!  :-)

As many of you know, we are a hardcore Apple and Canon ex-military family.  In my opinion, you can't get much better. :-P  


My older brother and our friend Ryan also have Macbook Pros like myself and my mom has a Macbook.  So...  when they are all just sitting in the living room you have to take some pictures right?

Right. :-)

"I'll take three please."

 My Mom on her Macbook.  Probably blogging.  Check out her writings here: Organized Everyday
Jamie - Ryan - and Nathanael is using my computer

P.S.  How is the new look?  I love the labels gadget and I use it on almost everybody elses blog so I couldn't get rid of it but it was to long for the sidebar.  It resides at the bottom of the blog now. :-)


  1. Okay, I'm trying real hard not to covet over here. ;) That's so awesome!

    Love the new look!

  2. Nikon is SOOOOO much better then canon!!!!!!! lol

  3. Hiya! I think you should write about it all on one blog and just post about whatever is happening at the moment. It doesn't have to be thematic. Love this post with all the macbooks lined up. What happened to my hair?? My brain was blowing out the back end.

  4. I have a laptop, but it's not exactly brand new. I got it for free because the cord at the back didn't really work, so it's constantly slipping out. Believe me, SUCH a pain, especially when there's no battery.

    What kind of workshop are you going to?

  5. Thanks Erin! It is a whole lot cleaner looking. I like it. :-)

    Anonymous. Nikons are good quality high performance cameras and I really love my Dad's old film one, but I must disagree with you. Canon def trumps Nikon. :-)

    I'm going to a photography workshop Niki. I'm going to post about it here soon...hopefully. :-) If you want ahead start check out :-)