October 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: deux

Perseverance is hard.  I kinda feel like this picture right now.  Unfocused and worn out.


  • Getting a piece of cake and since it looked so cool I pretend instagrammed it. Uh, yeah.  I arranged it on the plate, held up my invisible iPhone, switched to my non-existent instagram app, and pretended to take a photo.  Yeahh...Had anybody seen me I think I would have died, so why am I telling you all???  Anyway, it tasted good and I pretty much exploded in giggles at the absurdity of it all.
  • Going mini golfing with my little sister, Mom, and Grandma Judy.  No, that isn't awkward, wait for it...My Mom manages to hit her ball 30 feet out of the mini golf area and across the path.  Keep waiting...She asks some worker dude to pick it up for her (embarrassing maybe but you get used to it) Are you ready?  Here is the awkward part: The guy takes a pictures (rather un-slyly) of us on his phone as walks away laughing.  Great.  Now we're going to be the toast of the pub.  Truly awkward.
  • My driver's side mirror is broken, so it gets held on by a bungy cord (wow, how on earth do you spell bungy cord?  I've never tried before...) Ah!  Thanks google.  Bungee cord.  Anyway, where was I?  Ah yes.  So the bungee cord falls off.  While I'm driving.  Cue inner panic.  So my mirror is hanging by just a couple wires and bouncing against the car.  So I roll down the window (on the highway folks) and hold it there with my hand.  Think icy tentacles of wind tearing at your hand while sitting so far forward that your head touches the ceiling and you can't see any gauges.  Awkward.  But thankfully we had epic soundtracks like "National Treasure," "Batman Begins," "Gears of War 2," and "Rescue Dawn" playing. :-)


  • Booking senior sessions!  I can't wait to capture all this stunningness!
  • My new white sapphire earrings. :-)
  • Shooting my first wedding next week!  I'm SO nervous!  
  • Getting to be the "grown up" at home for a couple days while Mom and Dad take some time for themselves.
  • Having a website designed for my photography business!  I love working on branding. :-)
  • Cute little sister who take ballet. :-)  Brings back such vivid memories of my own ballet classes.
  • God's patience and mercy. Wow.  Totally overwhelming.


  1. Bahaha! Pretend instagramming, I love it! We could totally be friends in real life. ;)

    That mini golf incident is hilarious. We've had a few of those too. Such as my dad whacking a ball into the brush so hard he never found it. Oops...

    Sorry about your car mirror. A biker collided into Dad's SUV and broke the mirror off his too. And we love soundtracks; they can make anything seem epic.

    Wow, I'll definitely be praying for your first wedding. How exciting! You'll have to let us know how it goes. =) I'm sure you'll do wonderfully.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I just love Awk & Awe!

    1. Are you apologizing for a long comment?! The long ones are the best! :-)

  2. Okay, this is the first time I've commented on your blog, but I was like "she looks just like one of my friends, I just have to :)" So, here I am :)

    I've really enjoyed looking through your blog, and seeing all the things you've sown. I'm really inspired! I really enjoy sewing but hardly ever do it, because I'm to busy, or I don't have good patterns! How long have you been sewing for?


    1. Hey Bethany! I love to "meet" my readers. ;-) I've been sewing for probably 10 years but I didn't really start pursuing clothing construction till maybe 2 years ago. I made some pretty horrible things but all the practice is paying off.

    2. Wow! 10 years -- neat! I've only sown a couple things...a wall hanging, a tiered skirt, a lap quilt, a table piece and a few other small things, but not as much as you! I always enjoy coming on here, and seeing if you have put up any new posts about your sewing :)

      It's good to "meet" you as well :) Thanks for the comment on my blog - it totally made my day =D May I ask how old you are?! ;)

      I'll be sure to comment more in the future!


    3. Sure! I just turned 18 this past June.