October 11, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: trois

  • Making batman style turns around corners in slippery socks to reach the phone in time...3 times in one day. 
  •  Spraining/throwing out my knee yesterday just before ballet class with Emily. 
  • Hoards of box elder bugs waiting to rush inside like they were at a pop concert. 
  • Taking your brother to his friend's birthday party and just sitting/standing around truly awkwardly.  Sorry Hud.  I don't try to embarrass you.

  • Electronic hand-me-downs! Jamie got an iPhone and gave his last gem iPod touch to Than and I got Than's old iPod touch. :-)
  • Shooting my first wedding tomorrow! Ahhhhhh! Nervous and excited. 
  • Getting letters from my best friend in India and writing hilariously long replies.
  • Starting to conquer phonetic numbers
  • Adele's new single, the new James Bond Theme Song: Skyfall


  1. I love awk + awe posts! How is your knee doing? That's unfortunate right before your first wedding! I hope it goes well. =)

    Oh, and I love electronic hand-me-downs! And long letters... well, emails that is, since I don't write actual letters nearly as enough as I should.


  2. Love reading your a&a's! ;) Hope that your wedding shoot went good!


  3. I always enjoy reading people's A & A posts =) This one was fun as well! Ohh...I like long letters as well!! I have about 12 girls that I write letters too...and we've definitely written long letters to each other before! I think the longest letter I've ever received was 8 pages =)

    Have a great day!