October 18, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: quatre

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
  In the light of His glory and grace.


  • Fedex Office's print examples.  The one that is supposed to be an engagement picture with room next to it for people to sign as a wedding guest book shows a couple where the girl doesn't even have an engagement ring on.  Come on guys.
  • Retro phones.  In case all you iPhone users are sick of holding the phone to your ear you can now buy "Retro-phones."  It is an old corded phone (think rotary phone style) that you plug into the headphone jack!  Can you imagine stopping at a red light and looking at the person next to you who is talking on a bright red corded phone?  
  • Accidentally matching a guy at our Bible Study.  :-/  
  • Chauffeuring my brothers to co-op and having people make comments like "didn't she graduate last year?"  Yes people.  I did.  Topish of the class in fact, I didn't flunk and decide to come back.
  • Shopping at Lowes for some foam (post to come).  Three different people helped me and the last one was WAY to friendly.  Punk.  
  • Carrying a piece 4x10 foot piece of foam out to the car on a windy day...and it being to big to fit in the van.  We made it fit. :-)
  • Handel's Messiah!  My Dad and I have sung this gorgeous oratorio with the Rockford Choral Union for 7 years (9 or 10 for him).  It is such a lovely work and rehearsals just started up last Sunday.  It felt so good to sing it again.  We perform free concerts with the best chamber orchestra that Rockford and Chicago can give the weekend of thanksgiving.  These are world class musicians and it is crazy that I know half of them personally.  
  • New patterns from Joanns!  McCalls were 99¢ this week and I got some I wouldn't normally have gotten.
  • Victories over self.  Ever so small and SO hard, but so freeing.  Doing the right thing is always worth it.
  • Midnight meals.  Out family has whoever wants to come over on Wednesdays after Prayer Meeting and we have a late dinner and just talk and laugh while we eat/cook.  It is awesome. :-)
  • Words of the day.  I get them on my iPod.  I LOVE learning new words.
  • Passé Compossé.  Auxiliary verbs and past participles in french?  Oh yeah. :-)  Syntax geek here.
  • My knee healed up just fine after 48 hours in an ace bandage.
  • Sock bun curls!  


  1. Oh! Your hair is so pretty in that picture! I really like curly hair, and every so often my mom will curl it for me :)

    Enjoyed reading your A&A post!


  2. Hi Joanna... what sock bun tutorial did you use? I've been trying to find a good one for a while and it looks like yours worked! :D
    -Katelyn Irene

    1. Hey Katelyn! I used just the regular tutorial from Youtube. Normally it doesn't work very well, but this time I was kinda fed up with my hair so I put it up when it was damp and left it in for 48 hours. :-) Then the curls were crazy good. :-)