October 22, 2012

EspeciallyEli ❘ Etsy Review

Hey guys!  Or Gals, rather...  I'm trying something new today!  A product review and etsy shop promotion!  I am the happy new owner of this "Solid Heart" necklace from this neat little etsy shop called EspeciallyEli!

I LOVE this necklace. 

 I wasn't paid to advertise this shop and I (though I am biased because I know Eli and she is amazingly sweet) am not biased by my association with the proprietor. :-)  I met Eli - short for Elizabeth - in London.  She was a fellow photographer on the IPS PhotoEx 2012 trip and I had the privilege of rooming with her in Paris and talking way to late while listening to OneRepublic. :-)

Here she is!  This is in Oxford.

O.K.  Back to the necklace.

The stone was "hand crafted" by an artist in the Chico California area.  The heart shape is perfect and there are very artistically carved grooves along the edges.  Eli then wrapped it beautifully in this wire and put it on a ribbon.  Such a good idea!  When I come across neat looking natrual things that can'e be drilled through I usually leave them the way they are.  When I do try to wrap things it, frankly, looks awful.  Eli not only made it look great but added all these cool squiggly designs to-boot!

Beautiful, high quality ribbon, just like the pendant.

Some of my favorites:

Chain Gang --- Cross my Heart

Be sure to go and check out her shop!  

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