October 2, 2012

Voices of the Mountain Dress

Pattern: Simplicity 4070
Fabric: A sheet from Goodwill
Lining is a purple sheet from Goodwill.  Leftover from this dress. :-)
Notions: Hand-me-down zipper from stash and one brown button from stash

I was excited to try the fit on this pattern because I like the idea of the lace overlay and want to make sure the fit is right before I get the lace.  As it turns out I'll be using it to teach a friend how to sew so it is a good thing I did!

I've discovered something about sheets.  They tend to be faded at the top edge.  I almost made a dreadful mistake in the folding of the sheets that would have put more faded pieces next to bright pieces.  Thankfully I saw it and now when you look at it you can't even tell that there are differences.

I think "gap" design element it very classy with a sheer fabric but with this it tends to look like I ran out of zipper or forgot to zip it up all the way... What do you think?

Listening to the Pocahontas soundtrack, the indie/boho feel of the fabric pattern, the odd gap above the zipper, and the cut out made me name this Voices of the Mountain.

I put invisible pockets in the side seams on this one.  They are so handy.  Why would I ever not put pockets on a dress?  I wore a skirt I had made the other day that didn't have pockets and I felt the lack very sorely.  Where to put the lens cap??!!  *sigh*

This is what the inside looks like when you do invisible pockets.  I used a pattern once and now it is second nature.  Should I do a tutorial?

The pattern didn't call for a sash but I like the look so I lengthened the piece from Simplicity 1880 here and cut it on a bias.  Even if I don't wear it as a sash I could still wear it as a headband.  My mom says she likes self-fabric sashes. 

I modified the neckline to get more of a boatneck or "bateau" as everyone in haute couture is calling it these days.  It sounds a lot like pompous nonsense but as it is french and I actually know what it means I can't help using it no matter elite and smug it sounds.

I did the cut-out my own way, but I was inspired by this bodice here.  I think it turned out quite nice. :-)  I see more cut-outs in my future!

I became extremely lazy (and I was crunched for time) and did the zipper by machine and it turned out pretty ugly.  But it works and as it is getting chilly I can cover it up with a sweater. :-)




Bateau neck + cut-out

Pretty insides...

Not to shabby for a sheet! :-)


  1. I love the fabric... need to check out the bedsheets next time I'm at Goodwill. You look especially pretty in the first pic:)
    P.S. I would love to see a tutorial!

    1. Thanks Katelyn! I'll work of a tutorial now. :-)

  2. So lovely, Joanna. =) It also reminded me of Sound of Music when I saw the title and the first picture. And I'm pretty sure Maria would approve of using a sheet, too, since she used curtains for sewing. =) Blessings, Elizabeth. =)

    1. You're so right Elizabeth! I'll keep that in mind for future dress names. :-)

  3. I love the idea of using a sheet for dress fabric... gonna keep that in mind. ;) I love your posts about your sewing projects! I really would love to learn more but I just don't have the time.

  4. I saw this pattern at a sewing store and bought fabric to make something similar to the black lace dress in the photo.

    I love the little heart cut out! Very creative on using bedsheets:)

    Kianna Rose