October 12, 2012

Bethany {Class of 2013}

I was so excited when Bethany's Mom approached me about senior pictures.  I've only met Bethany a couple times...conferences, co-ops, parties.  She is a good friend of friend (Remember Casey?) so I saw her a couple times and I got one of those photographer nudges.  You know, the one that says "I really, really want to take their picture!"  I had so much fun shooting with you and your mom, Bethany!  

Bethany is currently homeschooled and is thinking about CollegePlus! as the next step in her education.  I just started it myself so I was surprised and excited to learn that.  You'll do great!

We shot at Lockwood Park and got to "work"(read that: tried to get them to cooperate) with the horses she worked with all summer...

Bethany, you can ROCK the serious face.  I kept just saying "perfect...perfect...perfect" throughout the shoot.  You knew exactly what I was going for and nailed it.  You give me that mysterious face up there and then...

...you laugh through your eyes like you don't know what a frown is.

A lover of books and reading.

She also has a beautiful voice.  Check out the YouTube channel she and her sister have to hear them sing. :-)  Simplyacapella.

Check out the Eiffel Tower earrings!  My kinda girl. 

 My favorite. :-)  Bethany you have such a beautiful spirit and it pours out through your eyes!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! My favorite one is the last one as well :) Are you going to post pictures of the wedding that you are photographing at? :) Hope it goes well for you!