September 18, 2008

Anderson Gardens

     Today my Mom, 3 of my siblings, a friend who was staying with us, a neighbor girl, and some other friends went to the Anderson Japanese Gardens.  It is a huge garden with two ponds that is owned by one of the few multi-millionaires in this town, his mansion is behind it.  It is simply gorgeous, even though all man made, and they can turn the water fall on and off!  It was really fun, though I'm sure my friends did not have as much fun as me.  This is because the children went off by themselves, and they Mom's went slower with the babies, I (being the oldest there) was dubbed the "leader" but I had to keep stopping.  I was constantly taking pictures, even though my nice camera wasn't charged I was able to use our family's old camera.  This isn't fun.  It turns on and off at will.  I did get a few good pictures, so here they are.

    Sorry for the sideways pictures, I thought I fixed them! :)

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  1. You still take great pictures even with a bummer camera. That was so fun, and I'm glad you had such a fun time also!