September 11, 2008

September 11

     On September 8, 2001, our family moved in to our new home.  Our VERY large living room was packed to the ceiling with boxes.  It was still packed with boxes two days later.  The TV is not a big part of our life, and usually the last thing unpacked.  That move it was one of the first things unpacked this move.  Around 2:00 on the 11th, my dad got a phone call asking us if we knew what everyone else in the nation knew, and asking us to pray.  For the nest 45 minutes(approx.) we dug through the living room looking for the box with the TV.   When we finally found it we stopped making our late lunch, and watched the twin towers fall over and over again.  Every station was playing the exact same thing.  People running around asking where God was and how he could allow such a thing.  Our family got together and prayed.  I had never seen anything like it before, and being only 7 years old at the time, it was very hard to get my mind around the fact that it was done on purpose.  How could someone try to kill so many people?  What motivates a person like that?  I had a lot of questions, even though it didn't effect any of my family members, I felt very deeply for everyone involved.  The Bible says we should love our enemies, but I found it very hard right then.  Of course, with the tragic story came stories of the strange things that kept many people away from the towers that day.  One person, who we actually know was also kept safe.  That was encouraging.  Our country won't forget this very soon.


  1. Nice thoughts. I don't think anyone will forget where they were that day when they found out about the attack. We were newlyweds and didn't even have a way of watching TV, so we spent the whole day at our friends' house, trying to wrap our brains around everything that had happened.

  2. I was just 6 when I saw that same sight on tv. And I know how you feel about loving your enemies... I found, and still find it today, very difficult to love those same people murdered thousands of people.

    Love ~Jesi

  3. Joanna, let's hope that we don't forget.

    I was watching a documentary about it on History channel and I am still thinking "how could they do this?". It was awful.

    That was a great post.