September 25, 2008

Latest projects

Now I know what you're thinking... this horse needs diet.  But I didn't draw the pattern, that is the way it was.  One of the young ladies at our assembly got married last December, and just had her first baby recently.  I decided to try to make this little rocking horse for the little boy.  It is my first one so it wasn't that pretty, but I think it will get better after I do a few.  I also made another skirt, but it isn't ironed in the picture.
Scroll Saw


  1. That horse is very cute!

    I love the skirt.

    It's pretty close to dinner time, so I have been getting hungry at the very thought of pumpkin recipes. Ahhhh....


  2. P.S.

    I think that not ironing the skirt makes for a very nice texture.


  3. Good job, JO! I think the skirt turned out so well, and I'm fond of the pregnant horse also.

  4. Great projects! I'm especially excited about the skirt since I love to sew. You look so pretty in it! The horse is very cute. I bet with some paint it'll look whimsical and maybe not so fat.