September 16, 2008

New Skirt

I have had this denim wrap skirt for about a month now, and I really like it. So I decided to copy it. This was really difficult and I didn't have the directions that I do now. I made it out of brown corduroy, but instead of one piece It had eight panels. It looks nice, and I like it, but the hem if a little goofy, I will have to fix it. *sigh* But I did find these spectacular directions on this xanga site, thank you Connimom! She makes it look so easy. I will be making more in the future! By the way... don't I look great in this <- picture?! I could have at least opened my eyes! I was tired.

The original skirt. (a little wrinkled)
Brown Corduroy I used
The tie.


  1. ooohhhhh!!!! What pattern did you use??????????

  2. I have been clicking over to your blog ALL EVENING to see if you had a new post up...great job, that's a really pretty skirt.


  3. Hi Jesi!
    My mom and I actually made up the pattern for the brown skirt, but if you click on the link in the post it goes to a web site with REally ez directions.

  4. Sorry Lucie!
    Right after I commented on your blog I got kicked off the computer because someone else wanted to use it.

  5. Nice skirt, Jo-snazzer. We'll have to fix that hem, and you'll be styling. Love ya! Mom

  6. I have a bunch of skirt projects with funky hems, too. I think your skirt looks great.